Natty Bruce Idigbogu Stunt Cordinator

Firstly I came at the dying minutes in Jos after their nationwide auditions.

Lumazio's Nollywood next plateau Star reality show held me for one month in Mongu, where I was teaching participants actions and stunts for movies, till that last minute when I came and the director, Izu Ojukwu told me that they had forged ahead after waiting for me to come and start training the actors on stunts to no avail. I thanked him and left. Few days later my phone rang and Izu's voice on the other side said, "natty come let's see". I became the actions & stunts coordinator for Queen Amina.

The task was not easy for I single handedly trained more than 400 people in camp for a month with assistance from my older students before the shooting commenced. The training involved, film fighting, sword handling and conditioning, choreography of fights etc, with Ali Nuju and Sani Danger taking the classes with others, men and women.

The period was during the harmattan of 2015, and Jos harmattan was a killer one to the extend that one day I told my boy, Emeka that I want to sneak out of Jos abandoning the job. But due to preservation which is one of the tenets martial arts, I decided to stay.

One on One and One against multiple opponents choreography was another big task I survived, cuz director will just call, natty, "I need this situation, and that situations, I give u ten minutes to come up with a believable fight". Men! when I look at the crowd, men and women, with swords, men and women on top of horses, I would ask, GOD, how do I get started...but GOD being what he is, he gave me a way to the end of the shoot.

The worst experience that blanked me for some minutes was when my lead girl, Amey Lucy, who is portraying Queen Amina fell of a horse, died and came to life again as of our screams of, JESUS!

Today I give GOD all the glory and honour for making that project a great one.

Thanks to Okechukwu Ogunjiofor, the Producer, and Izu Ojukwu, the director, for believing in my pedigree as a Nollywood stunt actor - director/ coordinator. Dan, the line producer, all members of crew and cast for this wonderful collaboration.

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