A word from PETER KREIL the DOP

I am Peter, a creative DoP, I studied Cinematography in Spain and finished my career with two prices for my latest 2 short movies. I worked more than 10 years in the movie industry in lighting and camera department and see this movie as great opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to give the story his own powerful visual storytelling who captures the audience.

  This project is very interesting for me because I think it is a drama which tells not only the story of a Worrier, but the personal story about Amina and her ideals, which reflects a great importance to the African political reality. I would like to give the story my personal touch and visual point of view as I am very good with the right camera movements and the use of optics.

  My way of working a script is to think always about the drama and the point of view of the story, and look where to put the focus to tell the story. I am also very skilled in operating and lighting scenes to be able to narrate with light and tell the story through a dramatic lighting.

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