Meet The Make-up artiste for Amina

I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Port Harcourt, later on I studied ‚Directing‘ at the MET Film School in Berlin and ‚Digital Film Production‘ at the SAE Institute in Berlin. I’m a former member of the National Troupe of Nigeria. I started my career as Makeup Artist and Art Director. Now I work as Producer and Film Director in Nigeria, South Africa and Germany. My recent movies are the award-winning film STIGMA (2013), Asawana and AA, which both will be released soon.


It was a great experience to work with Okey Ogunijofor on a such promising story as 'AMINA'. It’s an epic movie and we had some challenges to go back in time for some hundreds of years with cast and set, but finally we were able to create a thrilling movie with outstanding pictures. From cast to crew and also the director - we had an incredible team.

Please, Okey, feel free to edit the write up if it’s too long.

All the best, thank you for the job and looking forward to see the trailer.
I wish us luck,

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