She lived in the age of man in a man’s world. In an ancient world of brutal conflicts, ferocious animal passions, supressive timeless customs, and reckless, herioc exploits, she must resolutely carve out a part for her life in the face of scandalised tradition and antagonistic male dominance. To grasp her destiny, she must prove herself not just as able, but infinitely more capable than any man alive. Horse-sweat soaked battle grounds. Majestic medieval palaces of mud and stone. Dusty hovels of the desperately poor. The spectacular grandeur of imperial Dubars. And the tense intrigues of age-old royal courts: Sub-saharan Africa explodes into life, power, and sound in ”QUEEN AMINA OF ZARIA”, the thrilling epic movie about the most charismatic warrior, sovereign and queen in the history of Africa. Fathered by the legendary warrior, expansionist,and empire builder , Barkwa Turunku, Aminatu, alluring princess and first daughter to the renowned Barkwa nurses a burning ambition never before imagined: To sit as queen over a Zazzau empire that stretches from Kano to River Niger, from Idah to Jukunland. In an age of female subjugation and an oppressive , male sponsored traditional system, no sane woman would dare conceive such dreams; and only the most foolishly reckless would move on to attempt actualisation.

From warrior- princess to supreme millitary commander; from sorrowful lover to crafty politician; Amina must suppress natural feminal emotions in order to accomplish the impossible, attain the unattainables and ultimately convince the sceptical empire of her ability to make true Zazzau’s long cherished dreams of dominance over all of the sub-sahara. Pitted without, against panicked kings and Sarkis of neighbouring vassal states, and within; Zazzau’s ambitious war generals, princes, politicians, and the sinister all powerful Madawaki or minister of war whose hunger for the throne of Zazzau is equalled only by his lust for its lovely occupant; Amina must play statesman and millitary strategist, harlot and queen, ruthless executioner and gentle mother to Zazzau’s oppressed millions to achieve her goal of creating a better Zazzau, a more humane, civilised Zazzau standing on the foundations of modern-day governmental structures. The movie ”QUEEN AMINA OF ZARIA” expertly chronicles the legendary many lives of this exceptional woman; the pain and the agony caused by the betrayal of cherished lovers; the ferocious savagery in the face of all battles and enemies; the cunning manipulation at will of the nobles and sovereigns of kingdoms; and the tender concern over the down trodden Talakawas or common people.

Cinematographically, this movie is spiced up by the aesthetically appealing cultural tones of ancient Zazzau and indeed all of sub-saharan Africa in the 16th century. Graphically depicting the shocking contrast between the opulence of the Arabian-silk clad elites and the impoverished existence of the over-taxed common people, ”QUEEN AMINA OF ZARIA” explores the insecurities, advancements and developments of the times. Drawing liberally from the perenial events and ceremonies of this classic period, this movie ultimately resurrects a magical world long forgotten. A world of honour and treachery, blood and passion,. . . A world guaranteed to stir in every man and woman a longing to arise, spear in hand in the interest of justice to face the deadly foe – ATTRACTION - as the savage drums of war throb on. . .